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Insights from our team on emerging markets.

Jefferson V. DeAngelis, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Monthly commentaries on market themes of general interest.


William C. Slaughter, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager
Quarterly views on global financial markets and performance.


K.P. O’Reilly Ph.D., J.D.

Research Director
Analysis of the ever-changing global political events shaping emerging markets.



The Elusive Quest

Jefferson V. DeAngelis
September 30, 2019

Economically speaking, Western civilization might be engaged in the most elusive search since the fabled quest by King Arthur’s knights to find the Holy Grail. Today’s investors face a no less formidable or elusive quest. Investors are desperate to seek out quality sources of income at a time when central banks are intent on undermining them.

Batten down the hatches…

Jefferson V. DeAngelis
August 30, 2019

The phrase “batten down the hatches” has nautical roots. The captain had complete control of the timing of readying the ship for the storm. Captain Donald Trump would like the same discretion over the timing and actions of the Fed, although he is unlikely to get it.

The China Trade Syndrome Update: Are the U.S.-China trade talks victim of a misperception game?

K.P. O'Reilly PhD, JD
August 13, 2019

In the span of three months, U.S.-China trade relations went from being on the verge of a settlement to the precipice of an all-out trade and currency war. It looks like Trump’s infamous quote that trade wars are easy to win will be put to a test. How did it all go so bad, so fast?

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