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Insights from our team on emerging markets.

Jefferson V. DeAngelis, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Monthly commentaries on market themes of general interest.


William C. Slaughter, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager
Quarterly views on global financial markets and performance.


K.P. O’Reilly Ph.D., J.D.

Research Director
Analysis of the ever-changing global political events shaping emerging markets.



Geopolitical Outlook for 2020: The known unknowns

K.P. O'Reilly PhD, JD
January 2, 2020

While emerging markets have a knack for delivering the so-called unknown unknowns when it comes to political event risk, we can venture to evaluate some of the known unknowns (aka known event risk) for 2020. Here is a brief list of EM-relevant political events to monitor as we enter the new year.

Trading Places

Jefferson V. DeAngelis
December 20, 2019

Although likely not the first movie on your list of holiday favorites, Trading Places has developed a Christmas cult following. While worth a watch this time of year, the broad theme of the film – literally trading places – seems to be occurring across the global economy. In some cases, countries are being much more forceful in bringing about this change.

Traveler standing alone on stone cliff lake and misty mountains

Mona Lisa

Jefferson V. DeAngelis
November 29, 2019

It is difficult to argue that the digital revolution hasn’t improved most people’s standard of living. The tremendous breakthroughs in computing and communications technologies have forever altered our daily interactions….Despite our growing obsession with bits and bytes, the drive to a digital world hasn’t wholly displaced the analog world.

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