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In the classic comedy movie Airplane, one of the more memorable scenes is when the characters engage the autopilot to keep their plane airborne. The catch, however, was that the autopilot could not land the plane.

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Across the U.S. a subtle shift has been going on for some time with many Americans appearing to adapt a more European way of life.  In towns small and large, you will find sidewalks transformed into trendy outdoor cafes. In many cities, espresso bars are as commonplace as the traditional corner tavern. Even the long running American love affair with the automobile is being reconsidered as urban centers move to adopt public transportation systems resembling those found in many European centers.

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The Gift That Keeps On…

It has been said that the act of giving is a gift in itself. It is widely believed that giving can be psychologically more beneficial to the giver than the recipient. Our policymakers must truly believe in this power of giving and its benefits politically.

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Xi Loves Me, Xi Loves Me Not

The U.S. and China share many similar traditions, only they are celebrated in different ways. The Trump administration must consider the importance of Chinese culture and tradition if it intends to be successful with trade talks.

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Q4 2018 Review: NWP Blended Emerging Markets Debt Composite

Once in Golconda by acclaimed financial reporter John Brooks chronicles the market events leading up to the 1929 crash and its aftermath. Golconda was a term used in the late 1880s to describe great wealth. The use of the word is a reference to Golkonda, a medieval fort in Southern India, home to some of the world’s most productive diamond mines. In fact, it’s where the Hope Diamond was discovered. Indian folklore refers to the city as a mythical place where everyone who passes through acquires wealth.

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Krampus Comes to Town

While holiday songs suggest that there’s a naughty and nice list imploring us to be good for goodness sake, we mostly take for granted a Christmas visit from Santa Claus. Stock traders too are hopeful this time of year for the gift of early December performance to help boost their annual returns.

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The holiday season is upon us and for many this means spending time with family and friends. At parties and gathering this time of year we naturally find ourselves reminiscing about life’s various milestones, both joyous and sad. My favorite stories are those that touch on the follies of youth.

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Gimme Shelter

With the markets responding to the threat of declining liquidity, the value restoration process is underway. The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates since December of 2015 in a gradual, measured manner which is finally starting to bite.

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Sharpen Your Axe

August days in financial markets tend to be quiet. Volumes contract as many investors take to the sidelines. This time offers a chance to spend time with families and friends, read a book, enjoy a beer; in short, it’s a good time to sharpen our axes for the fall.

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