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Northwest Passage Capital Advisors

For centuries, intrepid adventurers sought out the fabled Northwest Passage in search of a faster trade route to the Far East. Roald Amundsen was the first successful explorer of the Northwest Passage and taught us that experience and planning are essential to managing risk. Our firm pays homage to his pioneering spirit and, like Amundsen, we believe that a nimble, specialized, and passionate team is critical for results. With over 75 years of investment experience, the Northwest Passage Capital Advisors’ team is well prepared to navigate the vast opportunities that exist for investors in emerging market debt.

Our Philosophy

Emerging Market Debt:

  • Adds diversification and is recommended as a core fixed-income holding.
  • As an asset class is undervalued, underrated, and under-owned.
  • Presents opportunities due to investors’ biases.
  • Is best owned through the use of a dedicated, high conviction, active manager with a long term view that can add value.
  • Offers relative value opportunities identifiable through a systematic, data-driven, and disciplined investment approach.

Our Investment Process